2015 BADC Annual Dinner & 41st Citizen of the Year Award

By Barrington Area Development Council (other events)

Wednesday, May 6 2015 6:00 PM 9:00 PM CST

2015 BADC Annual Dinner & 41st Citizen of the Year Award

"MILLENNIALS: The Next Generation of Giving"

Keynote Remarks:
Courtney Quigley
Founder, Hope's In


6:00pm - Reception

Showcase of Community Organizations

7:00pm - Dinner & Program


:: Community Service Award ::

“Citizen of the Year”

The Barrington Area Development Council annually presents a Community Service Award to a person or persons who made a meaningful contribution of time and effort that has benefited the entire greater Barrington Community. This includes, but is not limited to, fields such as health, finance, land use, youth, education, conservation and transportation.

The worthy recipients listed below have been presented the award through volunteer service that has been recognized as truly extraordinary:

1975  Ruth Moor
1976  Bill Miller
1977  Larry Knouff
1978  Sam Oliver
1979  Catherine & Corliss Anderson
1980  Cyril Wagner
1981  Penny Horne
1982  Flo Bash
1983  Harold Lipofsky
1984  Peg Cullen
1985  Faith Semla
1986  Mary Alice Linde
1987  Jeanette Muench
1988  George Van Hagen
1989  Ed Bierkness
1990  Suzy Palmer
1991  Mary Anderson
1992  John Kranz
1993  Waid Vanderpoel
1994  Phil Bash
1995  Stevenson Mountsier
1996  Joseph Kelsch
1997  J. William Braithwaite
1998  Dave Nelson
1999  Norval Stephens
2000  Dolores Wagner
2001  Robert Woodsome
2002  Patsy Mortimer
2003  Lorraine Briggs
2004  Edith Auchter
2005  Jim Peterson
2006  Freddie Pederson
2007  Konrad Bald
2008  Kim Duchossois
2009  Tom Vanderpoel
2010  Richard and Roxy Pepper
2011  Bob Lee
2012  Carol Nelson
2013  Pat Karon
2014  Sue Randall


About the Barrington Area Development Council

The Barrington Area Development Council (BADC) is a not-for-profit civic organization with a long history of sponsoring initiatives and organizations that have benefited the Barrington Area community, including CPR Training, the Bikeways Commission, the District 220 Caucus, Barrington Bloodline, the Leadership Academy and the Citizen of the Year Award. In Addition, BADC was the founding organization of the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) in the 1970s, and a catalyst participating in the formation of renowned groups such as the Barrington Area Council on Aging (BACOA) and Citizens for Conservation (CFC). More recently, BADC has supported such organizations and causes as Gigi’s Playhouse, Hope for Bridget, Bob Lee’s Ride for 3 Reasons, and the Phil Bash Memorial Skateboard Park.

In 2013, we entered into a partnership with School District 220, Comcast, and Netgear to provide free internet service to some 700 plus low income families who cannot afford connection fees.  This program, referred to as “Project Horsepower”, is the first of its kind in the nation.

This year, BADC is excited to be supporting Hope's In, the locally-based initiative whose mission is to create a place where individuals are transformed through service to the poor overseas. Building houses, hosting medical clinics and sports camps, and distributing food in Guatemala is just the start for this group's dreams of making a difference in the world.

Barrington Area Development Council